Some events of Gönenç and notes

Personal photography exhibitions and slide shows on different dates and places especially in İstanbul and Bodrum.

Attendance to lots of group exhibitions and slide shows both at home and abroad.

April 2002: A TV Show about the books of Gönenç on Kent TV.

July 2002: Interview about the books of Gönenç in the TV Show of Gani Müjde, Gündem Dışı (Outside the Agenda) on NTV.

December 2003: Interview of Şefkat İşleğen about the books of Gönenç on Channel EGE.

September 2004: Interview at Bodrum Life Magazine about his books and Bodrum.

May 2005: Demonstrations of his books on TRT-TV2, "Kitap Saati" (Book Hour).

July 2005: Attendance to the TV Show of Okan Bayülgen, "Herkes Bunu Konuşuyor" (Everybody is Talking About This) on Kanal D TV as guest author.

July 2006: Again attendance to the TV show of Okan Bayülgen, "Televizyon Makinesi" (Television Machine) on NTV as guest author.

April 2006: Interview with Funda Koray about his books on TRT-Radio 2, "Gecenin İçinden" (Through the Night) show.

July 2008: Interview with "Bodrum İskele Meydanı" magazine about his books and life.

August 2008: Interview with Zehra Karabel on TRT Radio 2, "Geceye Doğru" Show about Turquoise Stories and his other books.

His toys are on show at the exhibitions of the Toy museums; Sunay Akın in İstanbul; Faculty of Educational Science in Ankara and Ümran Baradan in İzmir. The luck charms that he made from felt are being on view at Ethnography Museum of Paris.

"Blue Tales" is at Adapazarı: O.Gönenç's book named "Blue Tales" has been selected as course subject at Adapazarı Private Enka High School for prep classes. Students have portrayed the tales of the book as drama, gave projection presentations and made grand size drawings throughout the academic year. Within this scope, a meeting and interview held at 6 January 2009 with the participation of the author and prep class students.

Within the frame of 2009 purchased books, T.R. Ministry of Culture has also chosen the books of Gönenç, "Blue Tales" and "Turquoise Tales" in order to put to the Public Library. Mentioned books have been sent to the Public Libraries all over Turkey.

November 2009: Photography presentation and interview about his photographs and books with the members of Kartal Maltepe Pendik Photo Art Community in İstanbul.

November 2009: Attendance to "Gecenin İçinden" (Through the Night) show on TRT Radio 1 as guest author and interview about his last book Egerotica+18, his other books and life in Bodrum.

November 2009: Photograph presentation, interview about recent past and present day of photography with the members of İstanbul Amateur Photography and Cinema Club-IFSAK. Within the scope of the Afyonkarahisar Jazz and Classical Music Festival which has been organized since 2000, interviews with the teachers and students about literature and photography at different dates in the schools of Afyonkarahisar and its counties.

2010: His book named "Bodrum Bus Girls" took place at the library of The Ohio State University, USA.

27.04.2010: It has been legally certified that his photographs and literary works have work of art qualification by Ministry of Culture of Turkey, Governorship of İzmir, Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate, Directorate of State Art and Sculpture Museum and Gallery of İzmir, Work of Art Determination Commission.

April 2011: Gönenç's book named Egerotica+18 has been sued by the board of protection of the youngsters from obscene publication. Book has been qualified as literary work by the panel of experts which was consisting of two professors and an associate professor and it has been defended as this kind of publishing should be granted with an award instead of being sentenced. Lawsuit ended in acquittal.

November 2011: Retrospective photograph exhibition at İFSAK halls with the name of "The Ones that I shot" that includes 40 black-and-white photographs.

10 February 2012: Interview at BODFAD-Bodrum Photo Art Society about the book named "The Ones that I shot" and photography.

September 2012: Within the scope of Bodrum Carnival Exhibitions, the retrospective photograph exhibition of "The Ones That I Shot" in Bodrum.

April 2013: "The Ones that I Shot" exhibition of Gönenç took place at İzmir State Art and Sculpture Museum, Şeref Akdik Hall with 50 black and white photographs.

May 2013: In order to encourage reading and to popularize books, he sent hundreds of his books to people who request as complimentarily.

June 2013: He held an exhibition, made book and photograph presentations at Bodrum, Oasis- Nurol Art Gallery, by donating the income to Bodrum Health Foundation - Children with Disabilities.